Quick, what do you see?

If you said McDonald's, you would be... incorrect.

What you actually see is a stylized "M".

The above example helps to demonstrate how powerful and influential an effective Brand Identity can be for building consumer recognition and loyalty.

Brand Identity can be defined as:

"The outward expression of 
the brand which includes its name, visual appearance and communications."

When you take a close look at successful organizations, they typically have well-defined and articulated brands. At a global level, we are talking the likes of Apple, Mercedes, Nike and the list goes on. Take a close look within your market and it won't be long before you see who is dominating the race for consumer recognition. Hopefully it's you!

Of course, success is not measured on strong brands alone. But, every successful organization can leverage and grow this success with a brand identity that is aligned with their business activities.

Brand Identity reflects how "you" want the consumer to perceive your brand.

Implied in the statement above is control. You either take charge and control your brand identity or it controls you. How? Because consumers who come into contact with your brand identity touch points (logo, advertising, signage, website, etc.) will form an impression about you based upon their perception of your brand. Let's hope it's a good one. If not, read on.

Identify your brand personality.

Think of this as the "soul" of your organization. Identity your core traits in terms of how you go about interacting with customers and competing with competitors in the marketplace. For example, are you innovative or traditional? Elegant or rugged? By effectively identifying your brand personality, only then can the visual "tone" of your brand identity can be defined through appropriate use of colour, fonts, logo direction and design and image style.

Consider the market sector you are in.

If you sell mining equipment, the direction of your brand identity needs to appropriately reflect the established "tone" of this sector. The challenge is to create a brand identity that appeals to the customers in your market, reflects the value of your organization and stands apart from the competition.


Name – Connects brand personality with the product or service
Logo – Primary visual expression of the brand
Personality – Human qualities: i.e. adventurous, caring, trustworthy
Tag Line – Expression of the brand promise
Design System – Consistent application of graphic expression
Assets – Toolbox of proper logo formats, colour system, fonts, professional photos

An effective brand identity is built upon much more than just a logo. Think of it as a strategic visual expression of your organization – an expression that reflects the "tone" you want customers to see and feel about you.

Engage a professional to work with you in identifying and establishing your unique brand identity.

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